Bad flats or some crap in Ukrainian! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Bad flats or some crap in Ukrainian! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe property refuses to work on the owners: to offer "kopeck piece" and "treshki" will soon have for the price of one-bedroom dwelling...Bad flatsThe property refuses to work on the owners: to offer "kopeck piece" and "treshki" will soon have for the price of one-bedroom dwelling.If "damn" Moscow apartment No. 50 Bulgakov transformed to vast dimensions, containing rainforest, ballrooms and multi-colored pools, the housing of the Ukrainian landlords happen now reverse metamorphosis: enterprising owners of capital overall apartments closed the "extra" room and rent out the remaining "meter" as "odnushki" - only today they are selling like hot cakes. The stagnation in the market of long-term lease already reached Odessa and "creeps" in Kharkov.The hell in UkrainianIn the cities of rented apartments disappear tenants. Not quite as apartment number 50, which guests one after the other disappeared under strange circumstances. In the role of demonic forces that influenced the decline of demand for rent, - speculators-speculators, who claimed the realtors and developers, in the beginning of the year "have sold their apartment and dropped out of the game". It turned out not all sold out. This fall they massively rushed to the rental market as large cities and their environs, while actively dropping prices.As a result, the clientele rented apartments flocked to the suburbs where new housing today you can rent cheaper than dead "Khrushchev" in the big city.The range of rental space in some Metropolitan areas has grown to an unprecedented size. If back in January of this year, according to consulting company SV Development, in Kiev gave up a little over 6 thousand apartments, in November willing to remove Metropolitan shelter could choose from 16.4 thousand variants. Growth of nearly 2.5 times forced the players to make concessions. Say, another in September in Kiev the price was impossible to find a Studio apartment for less than $600 a month. In November, however, the lower strap leases fell by $100. Even more tangible collapsed the prices of two - and three-bedroom spaces. So, Kiev "kopeck piece", a couple of months ago for not less than $800-1000 per month, fell to $600-800. $200-250 monthly now you can save on rent and two bedroom apartments in the capital."In Odessa similar situation - confirms Viktor Antonyuk, Director of the Odessa EN Renta". - Since September, when the majority of the vacant apartments from rent, rates on long-term employment began to fall. Today, a decline of 10-15%. The volume of supply over the past few months has doubled". "The prices for rent of apartments began to decline, - says Valery Melnik, head of the Academy "Kharkov real estate." - If used for less than $300 one-room apartment in Kharkov was impossible to remove, we now have offers for $250. This is partly due to the observed increase in the dollar. Landlords lowered the prices, as the rate increased. We are often called to consult as to be in this situation. We recommended that you give a little, because the demand in November began the season fall"."In large cities in recent years, housing was conducted. The main buyers were speculators. Now they are mass-market leases, in order to somehow earn money, - says Sergey Kostecki marketing analyst. - The result for all regions rental prices are now gradually declining. This is the first mass Exodus of speculators on the rental market over the past few years. To predict their actions is difficult, but it is possible that they just collapsed."State employees" in the black"WA" decided to try on the role of landlord and to assess the current demand for rental housing. The world wide web, we launched two ads with offers to rent a Studio apartment in the popular tenants of Obolon district of the capital for $500 per month and a three-pointer in the center (at the cave) for $1000. Has not passed also ten minutes as shown in the ads, contact number called. Interested in the presence of a Studio apartment. Barely had finished talking, the phone rang again, and again asked one. Just four days since the beginning of our experiment the first ad asked about six potential customers (all were looking for a rented accommodation "for himself"). About three-pointers didn't call nobody.Low budget flats steadier just reacted to the increase in the supply and continue to be in demand. But, according to experts, the fact that since October they even dipped in price by 10-15%, is significant. "In the segment of one-bedroom apartments at prices significantly will not fall, but a slight decrease (5% to 7% by year end) will happen," says Sergey Kostecki. - Now low-budget proposals are increasing, and the number of transactions is constantly decreasing, and the masses are moving to suburban areas. "Kopeck piece" and "treshki" before the year's end will drop at least 10-15%. If the situation with the lack of financial resources, mass staffing cuts in most industries will worsen, future prices could fall even more." "Rents will continue to fall to that level, while the hosts will be profitable for them to take, given the rise in price of utilities in Odessa. Mainly it will affect two - and three-bedroom apartments, the exposure time which has already grown to three or four months," and convinced Mr. Antoniuk.More optimistic look to the future realtors from Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk and Lviv. Here VD assured that while the price situation on the rental market remains stable due to the cessation of crediting of purchase of habitation. "People who are unable to buy an apartment, forced her to withdraw. Yes and the amount of housing in terms of per person is much lower than in Kiev, so such a drastic growth in supply will not occur. The rental rates established mainly in us dollars, September-November remained stable. I think by the end of December, the situation in the rental segment will not change. If the General economic situation gets worse, then on the rental market, this will be seen from late January - early February," predicts Maxim Sidorsky, the chief of analytical Department FK "Hertz" (Donetsk).In one of the realtor agencies Dnepropetrovsk "WA" explained that the increased volume of proposals of apartments in rent in city "absorbed" due to the mass return of local residents from the capital. "Because of the cutbacks, which were held in Kiev, we begin to return the locals working in the capital. They are largely now and provide the demand for rental space," he assured us the head of one of the Dnipropetrovsk Academy of Sciences, specializing in rentals.Capital same realtors have not yet experienced the reverse phenomenon of the influx of those who because of the crisis have lost their jobs in the regions. But even if that happens, according to forecasts, the demand will increase mainly in low-budget property.

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